Frequently Asked Questions

What is Junk Jack?

Junk Jack is an exploration, mining and crafting sandbox 2D game for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch are all supported in the new universal version)

Who are you?

We are the Pixbits, an indie duo that started developing games just in 2011. Jack is the coder while Xsx is the gfx/sfx artist.

Wait a moment, that's a crappy Minecraft/Terraria clone!

Unfortunately we cannot do anything to avoid people stating that. When we started development (in April) we didn't even know about Terraria's existence so that's not true at all. We actually play both Minecraft and Terraria and we really like those games. We just wanted to create something suitable for mobile platforms and with some twists on the sandbox genre at the same time. In any case we didn't barely clone anything (as neither Minecraft or Terraria did), and we think this is quite evident if you try to play Junk Jack :)

Will there be an OSX verion? And what about other operating systems as Android or PC?

Right now we are working on a OSX version, but it's still a work in progress and we cannot give you many details!

What about older devices?

We tested Junk Jack on the iPod Touch 3gen and even on the iPhone 3G. There are no problems for the Touch (and consequently the iPhone 3Gs), game is quite playable even on iPhone 3G (which is the less performant iOS4.0 capable device) so even the Touch 2gen should be fine! Everything won't be as smooth as on newer devices but this is unfortunately true for every platform! The real requirement is iOS v4.2.1.

Will there be multiplayer support?

Not for now and it is not even planned at the moment. Multiplayer is something really tricky, especially on mobile platforms so that it would be a long tale that will be considered just if we'll have a big customer base.

I saw a feature in a screenshot, why is it missing?

If you saw something that you think is not in the game at the moment, that's just because we had to narrow the set of starting features to be able to debug and test them all without letting anything unfinished. We're two and we're really trying to do everything as good as possible but this needs time!

Will there be updates?

A lot of uptades has been released for Junk Jack, now at version 1.2. New things added: bow & arrows, farming, breeding, jewelcrafting, more monsters, more weapons, revamped graphics and many more!